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Your Service Honors Their Service!

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Your Service Honors Their Service!

Jesse J. Ramirez, President on behalf of

Veterans Housing Alliance

The Veterans Housing Alliance (VHA) is a Non-Profit whose mission is to work with U.S. Military Service Members and Veterans. The Goal is to provide resources, assistance, affordable and sustainable, housing options to those who seek to realize the dream of home ownership.

Recently, I aligned with CEO/Founder Marine Veteran Ruben Hernandez, of the Veterans Housing Alliance, and became appointed as the Volunteer President. After serving 6 years in the U.S. Marine Corps, I then worked in Corrections. Today, I am an active lea Jesse J. Ramirez

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  • $10.00

    Angelica Perez

    May 11,2017

    ...let us begin with 10 pieces of loose sand, and watch a dune be built by all sizes by your hand! Change, Innovate, Create!!!Let us be the new perspective of Veterans owning homes!!!!

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