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Wisemen Presents For A Child

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Wisemen Presents For A Child

Augusto Adrian, on behalf of

La Casa de la Cultura Isabelina Inc

Since La Casa de la Cultura Isabelina is a nonprofit cultural organization it depends on donations to get the money to cover the activity cost. Is a two-day activity (5 and 6 of January). Every dollar provided is necessary and is 100% used. Need to buy and provide for over 5000 people and kids.

Augusto Adrian

Adrian Augusto is an engineer who lives in Isabela Puerto Rico and is the founder of La Casa de la Cultura Isabelina Inc non profit cultural organization since 1995. The organizations biggest and mos important project is a Festival Fiesta de Reyes Isabelinos honoring the tradition of the Three Kings wisemen. The Festival consists of different activities for the kids and adults. The money raised will be used for the festival cost music, tents, lights, stage, sound and presents.Adrian is a community leader

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