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What The Freak Did I Hit Clasp Life

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What The Freak Did I Hit Clasp Life

Tommy Fergerson, on behalf of

Clasp Life

We need your help TODAY to ensure that people stop feeling helpless and overwhelmed following a life-altering event. Clasp Life will help find the resources and equipment needed so can they keep their passion and independence. Get involved. Become part of the solution.

Tommy Fergerson

Tommy Fergerson had a skydiving accident in which he broke eight bones on his left side including three in his foot, a rib, wrist, clavicle (collar bone), scapula (shoulder blade), and coracoid process (bone that keeps shoulder in the socket).

pueblo, Colorado

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    March 15,2018

    I love your outlook on life and adventurous ways. Thank God we live so close. :)

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    Marsha Ellis

    March 15,2018

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    Fran Jackovich

    March 15,2018