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We Need A New Playground For Our Pups!

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We Need A New Playground For Our Pups!

Star Boxer, Top Dog on behalf of

Animal Aid Inc.

Life as a pup is ruff. Make it a little better by helping us with a new slide! We need your donations to purchase a giant doggy slide. You will be rewarded with puppy loving and countless videos of puppy sliding! Thank you for your donations!

Star Boxer

Star Boxer is the top dog at the Happy Puppy Preschool. She prides herself in watching after the smaller pups, whether that means sharing her kibbles or helping with the daily grooming. Disclaimer: All proceeds will go to Animal Aid Inc.

Long Beach, New York

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  • $5.00

    Kayli Tomasheski

    November 01,2017

    I have never seen anything this adorable!! How creative! Best wishes to Animal Aid and this cute boxer family!