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We Are A Step  Ahead With Literacy Edge!

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We Are A Step Ahead With Literacy Edge!

Marion Myers, on behalf of

ADAP Enterprises

I ask for donations because we help students to thrive in their education. Literacy Edge teaches literacy skills, SEL (social emotional learning), financial literacy, research skills, work ethics/goal setting; our learning coaches help online students who have working parents.

Marion Myers

Marion Myers is a dedicated teacher. She is committed to teaching the whole child. Dr. Myers started Literacy Edge program at her school and continued at her house. She wants to expand her program by renting a building and purchasing supplies to teach students literacy skills to help local schools.

Bayview, South Carolina

Recent Donations

  • $25.00

    Paulette Lowry

    October 23,2020

    I’m happy to donate because it’s a worthy cause... our children deserve the best so they can be their best!