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Waterless Eye Cleansing

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Waterless Eye Cleansing

Linwood Cutchins, on behalf of


Foreign objects in the eye, such as dust, sand, lint, wood chip, grass clippings, filings, etc. are the most common types of injuries. Following this type of injury to the cornea, it's important to proceed with caution and seek treatment if necessary.

Linwood Cutchins

My name is Linwood and my background is in construction. The EFOR Device, developed in Edgewater Park, NJ, is a foreign object removal devise. EFOR stands for Eye Foreign Object Removal and this technology efficiently removes any debris from the eye using gentle regulated suction. With it, youll experience no irritation and avoid costly doctor and emergency room visits by using the EFOR Device , and avoid long-term damage often caused by foreign objects in the eye.

Beverly, New Jersey

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    May 05,2020

    We think it’s a great idea! And Linwood has put much effort into making a helpful product. We wish him success!