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Veterans In Thailand Suicide Prevention

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Veterans In Thailand Suicide Prevention

Michael Stribling, on behalf of

US Veterans in Thailand Inc.

I’m asking for $500 to operate a Veterans in crisis line for the rest of 2018. Many of the 16,000 veterans in Thailand don’t have access to the national hotline because of the expense. I have filled the gap for almost three months now and need help covering the costs for the next two.

Michael Stribling

I started this to raise awareness and outreach to veterans in crisis After losing Campbell Duarte and recently Torres Ive decided to energize my efforts Although Im deeply concerned for all veterans well-being I have always been at the point of friction therefor my focus and the organizations direction is aimed at veterans in the Kingdom of Thailand whether an expatriate or tourist Always know that Im here and Ill not give up My mission is clear Not one more life lost

Willard, Missouri

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