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Underwater Debris Removal/Recycling

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Underwater Debris Removal/Recycling

Robert Conlin, on behalf of

Environmental Rescue

Your donations will go towards purchasing the equipment and staff needed to start at the beginning of the Sydenham River and working to its end in Lake St. Clair , approximately 165 kms The Thames River runs 273 kms and empties also in Lake St. Clair. This may take several years to accomplish.

Robert Conlin

This new company is about cleaning debris from our waterways below the waterline. If there is a bridge over a waterway, someone has thrown something in that doesnt belong. Utilizing underwater Sonar, items like metals, plastics and tires will be removed and taken to recycling facilities.


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  • $25.00

    Tami Lymburner

    8 months ago

    I want a better place for our grandkids!