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Transitional Housing For Foster Youth

$25 of $2,000

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Transitional Housing For Foster Youth

Nancy Duncan, on behalf of

Atkinson Youth Services

Atkinson Youth Services THPP-NMD program wishes to inspire, direct, guide, and foster youth to achieve financial, educational, and personal goals. Our goal is to help guide youth into adulthood by teaching them the skills needed to become self-sufficient and successful adults.

Nancy Duncan

Nancy has worked in the social services industry for 30 years. First as a House Parent for level 10 Group Homes, then as an Administrator and now Executive Director. Recently she is working on opening a transitional housing program THPP NMD for foster youth who turn 18 and remain in care.

Sacramento, California

Recent Donations

  • $20.00

    Mary A Hazelton

    September 04,2020

    These children have had so much trauma in their lives through no fault of their own. They need our support in order to adjust to adult life.

  • $5.00

    jessica Eggleston

    July 10,2020

    Because you rock