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Tna Conservation Farm 501-c3 Help Fund

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raised from 3 people

Tna Conservation Farm 501-c3 Help Fund

Allen Fertuna, on behalf of

My Farm To Become A 501c3 Working With Endangered Beeeds Of Livestock. Helping The Continuation Of These Heritage Breeds To Ensure That They Will Be Here For Our Future.

We are working with endangered and rare breeds of livestock. We want to open our farm up to educate about the importance of saving and breeding these animals. In some cases that have been a large part a resource since the beginning of our nation.

Allen Fertuna

Tna Tommy and Allen are two people that have a desire to keep the heritage and in some cases critically endangered breeds alive. We are working on preserving the heritage breeds and working on diversifying genetics to ensure the continuation of these breeds.

Silver Springs, Nevada

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    Nadeene DeLong

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    Andrea Muccino

    November 15,2020

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    Andrea Miller

    August 20,2020

    Good luck and lots of love to you and Tommy!