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Think Of The Homeless

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Think Of The Homeless

Hopeforthehomless , on behalf of

The Homeless

HOPEFORTHEHOMELESS By making a donation you are helpings thousand of other with less than you. We ask you kindly think of the homeless.Any donation that is made is going toward someone with less no home , food to eat tooth brush ,clothing TOGETHER WE CAN CARE . WE CAN LOVE WE CAN GIVE #care#love.


Hello Just a poor kid who grew up with very little being in Africa was hard as a child starving, thirst. The filth , with all that grew up to be a smart young men with a strong heart. Just want to help the people with less than what we grew up with please help me spread love for our people together we canSHARE together we canGIVE together we canCARE together we canLOVE together everything is possible thats why our group need your help to help us share the love to the once with less. .FOLLOW US IG @h

Eden Prairie, Minnesota

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    Olivia Wiese

    September 16,2019

    To know what it’s like when youre down, and how a little act of kindness can really change someone’s outlook on their current situation