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They Set Him On Fire - Twice!

$650 of $150,000

raised from 2 people

They Set Him On Fire - Twice!

Jennifer Parker, on behalf of

My Brother's Place

We already have several individuals and businesses who have pledged monthly donations, but we are requesting $150,000 to build and operate My Brother’s Place until the end of 2018.

Jennifer Parker

Mrs. Parker started organizing fundraisers and assisting the homeless when she was a Senior in High School. Over the years, she has volunteered her time in several ways: soup kitchens, delivering food boxes, and once organized a memorial service for a homeless man.

Hugo, Oklahoma

Recent Donations

  • $50.00


    October 12,2018

    What a great idea! Thank you for doing this. It is really needed in Hugo.

  • $600.00

    Victory Baptist Church

    October 12,2018

    Let us know what you need going forward. We are very happy to help and look forward to doing more.