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The SupPorter Project

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The SupPorter Project

Inman Porter, Founder and CEO on behalf of

The SupPorter Foundation

The SupPorter Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) who's goal is to increase transparency and bring back trust to the the Nonprofit Sector using Blockchain Technology!

Inman Porter

Inman Porter, who grew up in the Fundraising Space, knows firsthand the many problems facing the industry. His father was a State Legislator for 28 years and eventually ran for governor of Georgia at the same time his mother ran for Lt. Governor of Georgi

People don't trust charities and, sadly, for good reason. This trillion-dollar industry is plagued with scandal and rampant irresponsible spending. Sometimes, as little as 3 percent of a donation actually supports the cause it was intended for. The result: everybody Loses. The needy are deprived of funds, organizations lack the resources to make a significant impact, legitimate organizations are given a bad name and donors stop giving. This is why SupPorter is utilizing new, cutting-edge innovations in Blockchain Technology to shed some light on an otherwise dark and inefficient fundraising space.

Atlanta, Georgia

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    May 12,2018

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