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The Gracie V. White Foundation For Autis

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The Gracie V. White Foundation For Autis

Gracie White, on behalf of

The Gracie V. White Foundation For Autism

Due to being a mother of a child with autism, I built programming for him after high school. I often ask: What happens after the bus stops running? Our son was non verbal, spoke his first words at 6yrs. of age and he would weather the storm. He will graduate with a 4 yr. degree in Nov. 2021.

Gracie White

Above, our autistic son graduating with two degrees. The foundation teaches transitional soft skills to high functioning autistic individuals and other high functioning disabilities. We offer social skills, job development, bullying, how to get along in the community, and music and art expression.

Columbus, Ohio

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    I stand behind helping those with special needs achieve a better quality of life.