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The Avengers Program (A.S.A.P.)

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The Avengers Program (A.S.A.P.)

Francis Cutrone, Founder on behalf of

CPR Courses International L.L.C.

Help launch capacity-building initiatives geared around saving lives! A single donation of $65 can fund a course for TWO students and help connect them to a passion and a career in the medical field. Our piloted program for a total of 500 funded certifications is $33,500. Donate today!

Francis Cutrone

Frank Cutrone is a level 5 instructor with over a decade of experience in training and certifying community members and educators for CPR/AED and First Aid. While working extensively as a volunteer life guard with the Bronx, NY YMCA he also serves as the

C.P.R. Courses International L.L.C. is a CPR/AED and First Aid Certifying organization under the American Safety and Health Institute ( which was launched with the objective to empower vulnerable communities through learning how to saves lives and promote healthy living in schools and local Community Based Organizations. Due to the continuous rise in injuries, emergencies and deaths due to cardiovascular diseases in low income neighborhoods, C.C.I. has implemented an affordable method to allow CPR/AED and First Aid Certification to become an accessible resource through the provision of courses, show cases, programs, and activities for community members, parents, educational institutions, and community stakeholders. C.C.I. has partnered with the United Federation of Teacher's Health and Safety Department which has expanded its reach and activated a number of certified instructors and educators to join our project in schools and throughout the NYC communities. This partnership has also enabled our t

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