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Talent Is 4Ever!let's Not Let Dreams Die

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Talent Is 4Ever!let's Not Let Dreams Die

Donte Jones, on behalf of

Green Panther Entertainment

Seeking funding to help build a positive agency youth can go to feel safe and express their talents on a stage at various venues to showcase for members of the various communities. This will be used for rental of office & audition location, transportation to event venues, equipment, insurance.

Donte Jones

At the age of 9 his mom enrolled him in the Echoes of Joy Choir at Olivet Baptist Church. With a voice of power and conviction, ranging from tenor to soprano, he was their lead singer for 5 years. In his 6th grade school musical, even the toughest students were amazed at his formidable acting ability, singing voice & memorization skills. He joined the Whats Love Got To Do With It Youth Theater Troupe Acting & facilitating family & social issues. Under the instruction of one of the best dance teachers

Cleveland, Ohio

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