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West Tucson Mental Health

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Peggy Davis, on behalf of

West Tucson Mental Health

Our project for this fundraiser is to get 2 of our therapy dogs their annual veterinary exam. These two need these exams to get adopted by 2 of our retired veterans

Peggy Davis

I am the Exec Director of West Tucson Mental Health.The Dachshund Sanctuary is a program of ours through West Tucson Mental Health a 501c3, Charity.Its here at Sanctuary where we save dachshunds and other breeds to become emotional support animals and therapy dogs or just friends. If they are suited to ESA, thats fantastic, very few can pass as a therapy dog but no matter we dont discard a dachshund because they are not good therapy or emotional doggie material. We save dachshunds. Some stay here forever,

Tucson, Arizona

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  • $15.00

    Marian Hill

    October 16,2020

    Pups need a chance.

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    Jackie Hale

    October 16,2020

    You do great things.

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    Jessica Ruth

    October 16,2020