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Support Homeless & Hunger Outreach

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Support Homeless & Hunger Outreach

April Frazier, on behalf of

Galatians 62

Galatians 62 is founded and operated by Veterans committed to the service of others. Your donation will ensure that hundreds of hungry and/or homeless people receive the support that they need to survive. Donations will be used for supplies, transportation cost and facility cost. Our staff are all volunteers and forfeit their salaries to ensure we have funds to meet our mission. We desparately need your assistance.

April Frazier

Mrs. Frazier has been designated as the owner, notary signing agent and ordained minister of A Moments Notice since 2020. Likewise, she earned distinction as the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Galatians 62 Nonprofit Organization since 2019, Senior Advisor and Board Member of Higher Ground Inc. Counseling and Consulting since 2018, Co-Founder and President of GD Techwork since 2017. She notably served 24 years in the United States Army with the primary assignments of Military Police Investigator, Tot

Elgin, South Carolina

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