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Successful Job Searching During COVID-19

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Successful Job Searching During COVID-19

Byron Long, Sr., on behalf of

The Choice Awareness Foundation, Inc

With your financial donation we can assist our community residents back into the workforce. We have free programs that educate and equip enrolled participants with skills to obtain gainful employment and/or skills to advance to a higher pay grade within their current company.

Byron Long, Sr.

Amid this global crisis there is still hope. The Choice Awareness Foundation, Inc., lead by Mr. Byron K. Long, Sr., has found the solution to help the citizens of Iredell county and the surrounding areas to successfully find work or to excel in present employment. Better quality of life is our goal.

Statesville, North Carolina

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    December 11,2020

    we need more program like this

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    October 05,2020

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    October 01,2020

    I love what Choice Awareness Group is doing. We need more groups like this

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    October 01,2020

    Anything to support your dream!