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Student Leadership Program

$70 of $5,000

raised from 2 people

Student Leadership Program

Misti King, on behalf of

Josephine County Foundation

Students are not receiving the needed training to become leaders in school today. This is why we need you! With your help we can continue to teach our youth to become better community members by seeing needs, speaking to leaders, finding solutions and working to help make the world a better place.

Misti King

Misti King is the Program Manager for the Josephine County Foundation JCF and aspires to serve her community through student leadership and philanthropy. Misti works with students of all ages to inspire them to become the leaders of tomorrow. She joined JCF after owning her toy store for 6 years.

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Grants Pass, Oregon

Recent Donations

  • $50.00

    Sharon Johnson

    October 19,2020

    I’m MaKayla’s Grandy, and I love supporting her endeavors!

  • $20.00

    Nick King

    October 15,2020

    Keep doing great things for the kids and community!