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STRIVE For Exceptional Excellence

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STRIVE For Exceptional Excellence

Delicia Williams, on behalf of

STRIVE for Exceptional Excellence LLC, GA

On October 28, 2018, STRIVE for Exceptional Excellence LLC held a Resume Building POPUP at The Atlanta Airport Marriott Innovation Lab. STRIVE would like to host another Resume building /Job Seeking Event in October of 2020 Money raised will go towards paying to use the Innovation Lab once again.

Delicia Williams

Delicia Williams is a special education teacher for Fulton County located in Atlanta Georgia. Mrs. Williams is the FounderDirector of STRIVE for Exceptional Excellence LLC, GA STRIVE was created to support teenagers and adults with disabilities as they transition from high school into the workforce. STRIVE for Exceptional Excellence provides social and vocational rehabilitation activities to reinforce learning.

Union City, Georgia

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