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$1,701 of $1,700

raised in 225 days from 15 people

Stay Positive And Do It With A Smile

Amanda Otting, Campaign Organizer/trainer

on behalf of

9Round Bloomington and its members!

My name is Damion and I own a 9Round franchise in Bloomington, MN. I currently need $1,700 to pay the property taxes. This gym is my passion, helping others achieve their goals. Thank you in advance for your contribution(s).

Amanda Otting has been a member of the 9Round family since January, 2017. She has recently become a trainer due to feeling a greater connection and purpose than just working out.

Amanda Otting


Kayli Tomasheski 7 months ago

So proud to see how well this campaign it doing! We wrote an article all about you!


Brian Bjonfald 7 months ago


Aleksandr Chernin 7 months ago

Damion, you're a nice person and a very good trainer! I hope your business flourishes and you and your team continue to help people!


Colleeb Angus 7 months ago

I NEED my work outs at 9Round! I used to run marathons and the knees gave out. 9Round allows me to work out and feel like I did something good for me in just 30 minutes!


Megan Fischer 7 months ago

Love this place!


Amanda Giliotti 7 months ago


PJ Lewis 7 months ago

This is a great place to workout and meet new people.


Merrick Anderson 7 months ago

Great gym and excellent owner!


Leah Brick 7 months ago


Kerri Stein 7 months ago

Great people, awesome workouts!


Stephanie Braman 8 months ago

Love it there! Best with the campaign.


Tyler Schumacher 8 months ago

As someone who's been going to 9Round since late last year, I see how hard Damion works every day and I would be really disappointed if our community lost this gym. I encourage everyone else to consider giving what they can. We're in your corner, man!


Joe Schmit 8 months ago

Keep punching and kicking, Damion!


David Weisbrich 8 months ago

God has you in the palm of his hand and his timing is impeccable! Boom!


Cathy Ruhmann 8 months ago

This place is amazing! Has helped me a lot. Let's help him now.

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