Raise the Funds Needed for Your Cause

After Your Fundraiser Is Live Online

Learn Nonprofit Marketing With YouHelp

Templates, Videos, and Learning Modules

WEEK 1 "Starting from Within"

  • Invite colleagues & form a campaign team
  • Meet with your team
  • Create thank you rewards (perks)
  • Create personalized thank you messages
  • Share campaign link on website and social media

WEEK 2 "Friends & Family"

  • Meet with your team and encourage staff contributions
  • Increase social media engagement
  • Create, edit and distribute a press release
  • Plan your community outreach video
  • Contact news outlets to cover your fundraiser

WEEK 3 "Community"

  • Plan your email marketing campaign
  • Finalize plans for your email marketing campaign
  • Schedule your mass emails
  • Personalized messages on social media
  • Thank your donors

WEEK 4 "Grow Your Reach"

  • Expand on social media
  • Utilize Volunteers
  • Identify a potential partnership
  • Enlarge social media reach with group shares
  • Send direct messages

WEEK 5 "National"

  • Meet with your team
  • Write an article for GrantNews
  • Distribute Article
  • Plan your fundraiser
  • Mail Fundraising

WEEK 6 "Spread Awareness"

  • Share to social media
  • Share upcoming event
  • Host a volunteer celebration
  • Send invites

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Thank you for your excellent service to the nonprofit community.

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