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Sponsor And Shelter A Bunny

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Sponsor And Shelter A Bunny

Michael Freeman, on behalf of

Green Leaf Bunny Haven

Green Leaf Bunny Haven is seeking donations for the development a safe haven for rabbits and people. I, myself, suffer with mental health issues such as anxiety and depression...I have found solace with the rabbits. I would love to create a environment for others to feel the same peace and comfort.

Michael Freeman

Michael Freeman opened Green Leaf Bunny Haven after noticing the effect the bunnies had on him and how they were beneficial to his mental health issues. Now, he, in turn, is attempting to do the same by showing the world the beauty of befriending a bunny today.

Glendora, California

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    Kevion Louis

    2 months ago


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    3 months ago

  • $25.00

    Felix Jollevet

    7 months ago

    Because iron sharpens iron but more importantly, I admire this brother's caring spirit.

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    Raheem West

    8 months ago

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    D Dom

    9 months ago

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    December 02,2020