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Sober Living Through Music And Art

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Sober Living Through Music And Art

Tracey Shipley, on behalf of

Sobar Jerusalem

Sobar Jerusalem, provides an inspiring educational and entertainment venue for youth ages 16-24 and will be located in downtown Jerusalem. The Sobar was up and running for close to a year but is in need of funding to reopen and continue creating a sober community of young musicians and more.

Tracey Shipley

Tracey , the Visionary Founder and Director of Sobar Jerusalem, is a creative arts therapist, addictions counselor, specializing in counseling teens, young adults and their families. She was awarded for her contributions to Israeli society as one of the most outstanding Anglo-immigrants to Israel.


Recent Donations

  • $25.00

    Rivka Horowitz

    June 18,2019

    For all the youth in Jerusalem to have s great place to meet people without the risks of alcohol and drugs. Thanks, Tracey for making it possible

  • $100.00

    Riki Horowitz

    June 18,2019

    Believe in your cause and looking forward to being there with you and the kids.