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Slow The Spread Initiative

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Slow The Spread Initiative

Anthony Knight, on behalf of

Unique Electrical concept & Designs, Inc.

We are asking $15,000.00 Donation Our Slow the Spread Initiative includes an Intellectual Property(Ip) Safe, Widespread dispensation of Hand Sanitizer. Our R & D Found that Hand Sanitizer with a 75% Alcohol Dilution kills the Germ-carrying Deadly Virus. Our New Product is Patent Pending.

Anthony Knight

Our organization represents more than 1.5M VETERANS of FOREIGN WARSAs an Artist and Advocate for Veterans Causes Housing PTSD or SuicideWith the onset of the COVID-19 Virus last Spring, we had to act. and act we have. Welcome to the Unique Art Show. Org Where Art removes barriers. We have handed out 6500 N-95 Face Mask 650 Gallons of hand Sanitizer and 450 packs of Disinfectant Wipes. We Trickle Up. There hasnt been any Trickle Down

Central Islip, New York

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