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Single Parents Say YES To Success

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Single Parents Say YES To Success

Mea Triplett, on behalf of

Family Care Angels, Inc.

We've come across so many single-parents who wanted to climb the ladder of success, but they had no one whom they could trust to look after their children. Help us curve the poverty level by giving these families a chance to lay a stable financial foundation.

Mea Triplett

Mea Triplett is a wonderful devout mother of four and a wife of 17 years to Kyron Triplett, Sr. She is veteran who served in the U.S. Army. She loves children. Ms. Triplett earned a bachelor's in Entrepreneurship, and is seeking a master's in MFT.

Cape Girardeau, Missouri

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    April 28,2018

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    April 13,2018

    Sometimes it's not even the money part but finding those you can trust that are willing to step up and help so you can achieve your goals. This is a dream of mine as be in the position to help single moms achieve goals or just to be able to work without having to stress over having the help they need. I hope you're sucessful because this is really needed! Even though I wasn't tagged I support you!

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    April 13,2018