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Single Moms And Children In Need In NYC

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Single Moms And Children In Need In NYC

Cynthia Montour, on behalf of

Hope Deferred Inc

Single moms and children are in extreme need in the NYC area. Many were already living in extreme poverty conditions and are now struggling even more after COVID. NYC has been the hardest hit due to this epidemic and many children do not have basic necessities. We need your help.

Cynthia Montour

Cynthia Montour is the founder of Hope Deferred Inc a nonprofit dedicated to helping single moms in need in the NYC area. As a single mom herself she understands the struggles of being a single mom. Her mission is to help single moms emotionally, financially and spiritually.

Jamaica, New York

Recent Donations

  • $10.00

    Christina Overton

    September 17,2020

    Thank you for the important work you are doing.

  • $25.00

    Karen Thompson

    May 08,2020

  • $5.00

    nyla jewel

    May 05,2020