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Sheltering Our Indigenous Women

Valerie Adair, on behalf of

Helping Hands hailey's Way

Helping Hands Hailey's Way will shelter indigenous women who have nowhere else to turn for help. The shelter will also protect our Indigenous women from being missing, murdered or trafficked.

Valerie Adair

Valerie has a big heart and a special place for those in need of help. Her niece was a victim of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women. This hit Valerie in the heart. Her her niece was always helping others with little she had. Valerie wants to continue this through providing shelter for Indigenous Women. Valerie has five children of her own and she cherishes every moment with each one. Her oldest daughter was at one point homeless and an addict. This too has also pushed Valerie to do what she can to help women in need that have no home.

Chubbuck, Idaho

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