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Shelter The Un-Sheltered

$90 of $10,000

raised from 5 people

Shelter The Un-Sheltered

Michelle Gibert, on behalf of

A Step Above

I am asking my community and others to assist me in raising $10,000.00 for the homeless. I am currently working on a night shelter which will secure a place for them to sleep at night. The funds will help us to secure a building and provide beds.

Michelle Gibert

Michelle Gibert has been a resident of South Florida for approximately eight years. She is Senior Pastor of a Church in the Davie Fl, area. She has a heart for the homeless, she calls them all her friends. She is working diligently to secure night shelter for the homeless. WONT YOU PLEASE HELP

Hollywood, Florida

Recent Donations

  • $25.00

    Jarad Floyd

    July 12,2019

    You’re doing a good thing for the people i support it

  • $20.00


    July 09,2019

    To be of assistance in the Mission God has given you

  • $25.00


    July 09,2019

    Praise the Lord!!! Apostle

  • $15.00

    Gloria Richter

    July 09,2019

    I want to see God's homeless people to get saved, healed and to have job, place to live and have a happy life here on earth. They deserve to be healthy, prosper life here!!!

  • $5.00


    July 09,2019

    Thanks for your service.