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Shelter The St. Vincent's Kids

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Shelter The St. Vincent's Kids

Xiaoyu Liu, on behalf of

St. Vincent's Center

St. Vincent's Center in Haiti has been caring for, feeding, housing and educating thousands of disabled children since 1945. Since the earthquake in 2010, when much of their facility was damaged or destroyed, St. Vincent's has struggled to provide safe shelters for the children.

Xiaoyu Liu

Xiaoyu Liu is a senior student studying Industrial Engineering at the University of Michigan She and the UM team are working with a shelter company in Ann Arbor Michigan to supply DecaDome shelters to help house disabled orphans at St Vincent Center in Haiti


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  • $118.00

    Eric Lipson

    October 30,2018

    Great cause. Godspeed!

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    Gary Amaya

    October 30,2018

    Good cause