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Saving Homeless Veterans In Need

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Saving Homeless Veterans In Need

Wendi Kraemer, on behalf of

Angels journey home

We started helping homeless veterans a few years ago after seeing so many in need. Since Covid and riots so many more need help. But with Covid our sponsors ,donors and grants are not coming in. They are frozen on hold. Or people can’t afford to help. .we are praying to find help here to continue

Wendi Kraemer

Wendi all her life has had the heart of gold and being a angel helping people and Animals. When retired she started a 501 c3 started a animal rescue . As she kept seeing so many y dogs in shelters dieing , she said we got to start training rescue dogs that can, to be service dogs .

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Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania

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  • $25.00

    Julianne Chenault

    December 11,2020

    Its a beautiful thing you're doing