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Save The Wilbur-Cruce Spanish Horse

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raised from 6 people

Save The Wilbur-Cruce Spanish Horse

Robin Collins, on behalf of

Heritage Discovery Center, Inc

Preserving the Wilbur-Cruce Spanish Horse is crucial. "The Cruce population is the most significant discovery of a type of horse thought to be gone forever. It is not normal for DNA results to show these earlier types…These horses are like a ‘genetic time capsule’." Please help us preserve them now!

Robin Collins

Robin Collins legendary career as a horsewoman began with the fabled Jimmy Williams in Flintridge, CA, and continued as an international hunter-jumper trainer with husband Richard Keller. In 1990, Robin became a primary conservator of the Wilbur-Cruce Spanish Horses and formed the non-profit HDC.

Madera, California

Recent Donations

  • $200.00

    Brian Sexton

    5 months ago

  • $25.00

    Karen Chillcott

    5 months ago

    I am hoping if people check the link and see I donated, they will too. Sending prayers for you and the horses!

  • $10.00


    5 months ago

    Friend of Rhonda Morgan

  • $10.00

    Tommi Barnes

    5 months ago

  • $150.00

    Cara Drouin

    6 months ago

    from the Gotland ponies

  • $5.00

    Hobie G.

    6 months ago

    For the horses