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Save Nigeria: Kidnaping, Murder, Raping

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Save Nigeria: Kidnaping, Murder, Raping

People's life improvement foundation Peopleslif, on behalf of

People's life improvementfoundation

When a democratic government becomes destructive to its people, The people must find a way to alter, change and institute a government that shall affect their safety, happiness and economic wellbeing, in the face of fear, abject poverty & depression, here comes the necessity for the rescue and help

People's life improvement foundation Peopleslif

Peoples life improvement foundation is an NGO working for good governance and democracy to eradicate the consequential effects of repression, insecurity,hunger, failed health care, corruption,kidnapping, rape, cultism , gangsterism,assasination, armed robbery in Nigeria. This is the reason for the tension in Nigeria, Nearly everything has collapsed . Greater percentage of the people are living below poverty level with excruciating pains. Nigeria is now in a combination of feudal, monarchy and dictatorship o


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