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S.A.T. Test Prep / Caregiver Respite

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S.A.T. Test Prep / Caregiver Respite

Odell Glenn, on behalf of

The 3 Tier Foundation

More often than not students that live in marginalized communities cannot get the proper score on the S.A.T score required for college. Donations can help support these students. Also, some at-home caregivers give up their own lives to care for loved ones. A 2-hour respite helps tremendously.

Odell Glenn

Born in New York, analogous to the city which never sleeps remains on the move bringing creativity while keeping consistent growth as his fundamental core value in life. Described as a problem solver, team player, strategist, and motivator marked by academic inquiry. Author, ordained minister, and primary full-time caregiver bring the experience of leadership, skill, and knowledge to a community.

Columbia, South Carolina

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