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Safe Desks For Young Learners In Zambia

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raised from 5 people

Safe Desks For Young Learners In Zambia

Laura Kinnard, on behalf of

Curated Growth

You donation supports safe 'return to learn' during Covid-19 at Kuks Daycare and Primary School center, providing quality education to young children - 20% who are orphans. This organization has economically and financially empowered 10 employees who have impacted varies communities in Zambia.

Laura Kinnard

Laura Kinnard, Professor of Entrepreneurship at Drake University, Founder of Curated Growth, and Advisor for Drake Universitys programming for the Young African Leadership Initiative of the Mandela Washington Fellowship. Kinnard is a reciprocal awardee traveling to Africa to advise entrepreneurs


Recent Donations

  • $88.00

    Jeremiah Wright

    December 06,2020

    Education is the passport to the future.

  • $25.00

    Annette Wright

    December 01,2020

    I believe in education and I know that creating a positive environment for children makes a huge difference

  • $20.00

    Amanda Martin

    December 01,2020

  • $10.00

    Debra Copeland

    December 01,2020

  • $10.00

    sohil brahmbhatt

    December 01,2020