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Rock Bottom For Recovering Addicts

$20 of $20,000

raised from 2 people

Rock Bottom For Recovering Addicts

adam Kelley, on behalf of

Adam Kelley

I am asking for $20,000 to start up 2 buildings in the city of Clairton sober living houses... there is a lot more needed but this money will get all legal fees paid for the foundation to become a non-profit.. that 501c3 status witch means I can file for federal grants and give back recovery life.

adam Kelley

I am at 36 your old recovering addict from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania that has a passion and his desire to keep his own recovery first and to be able to build a foundation to where I can teach and show others that are in recovery that there is hope and promise of new life in a new way of doing things with my company this is how I feel I want to run my nonprofit and make sure that the next man or woman is able to afford A home And have a career life a family community orientated respective person in society

Clairton, Pennsylvania

Recent Donations

  • $10.00

    Brian Bailey

    January 23,2020

    Good evening Mr. Kelly, Glad to hear your making a change in your life for the direction of helping others. I'm looking to see you achieve these goals you are stretching for. This is know small challenge, nor a one man job. I hope your startin

  • $10.00

    adam Kelley

    January 22,2020

    Please everyone I need funding it is going for a great cause