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Revitalizing & Revolutionizing The City

$190 of $200,000

raised from 4 people

Revitalizing & Revolutionizing The City

Wendolynn Allen, Founder/Owner on behalf of

Fit4Eternity Enterprises L3C

Fit4Eternity Enterprises L3C is currently seeking assistance through crowdfunding sources for start-up costs in the amount of $200,000 to assist with property purchase fees. Funding through grants and large private investors is also being sought to fulfill the mission of Fit4Eternity Enterprises.

Wendolynn Allen

Former collegiate field event athlete and post-collegiate strength sport athlete. She holds several college degrees and professional specialty certifications. Wendolynn is currently employed full-time as a Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant.

Fit4Eternity Enterprises, L3C, is managed by its founder Wendolynn L. Allen. Wendolynn began professional work in the fitness wellness industry in 1997, when she began GreatWorks Fitness as a Sole Proprietorship in Austin, Texas. GreatWorks Fitness offers personal fitness training and nutritional consulting services to individuals, ages 12–59, who are seeking to improve their standard of living and general well-being. In addition to professional certification in the field, Wendolynn’s expertise is backed by her experience as a collegiate athlete at a highly competitive university and her practical experience working in gyms and nutrition centers. Wendolynn also has experience in public organizations, such as Athletic Director at The Boys & Girls Club, Houseparent/Youth Care Counselor at a residential treatment center, and substitute teaching in public school districts.

New Orleans, Louisiana

Recent Donations

  • $50.00

    Sharon Tellez

    October 25,2018

    We love you and believe in the mission God has given you

  • $20.00

    Amanda Gruber

    October 15,2018

    Best of luck reaching your goal.

  • $100.00

    audrey jackson

    October 04,2018

    I am donating because I know you will succeed and I believe in YOU!

  • $20.00

    Mariana Taylor

    October 04,2018