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Removing The Stigma Of Mental Health

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Removing The Stigma Of Mental Health

Dace tapley, on behalf of

White Tiger Counseling

Mental health has always had a stigma attached to it. The idea of talking to a counselor about our personal challenges has been a taboo subject. Mental health is important to everybody whether it is a short term situation affecting us or a chronic situation we've been living with.

Dace tapley

Dr. Dace Tapley has a vision to reduce and eventually eliminate the stigma associated with mental health services. Our profession perpetuates the stigma by providing service delivery in obscure areas, tucked away in business and medical plazas. Dr. Tapley seeks to bring mental health into the mainstream in a three phase business focused on expansion into high traffic and convenient locations to help normalize the utilization of mental health as a prevention rather than a treatment.

Phoenix, Arizona

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