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Alabama Interfaith and Light is a hopeful moral response to climate change. AIPL engages, equips, and empowers communities of faith as an expression of faithful stewardship to Creation and its care. Our primary objective for the next twelve month... Read More

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Alabama Interfaith and Light is a hopeful moral response to climate change. AIPL engages, equips, and empowers communities of faith as an expression of faithful stewardship to Creation and its care.

Our primary objective for the next twelve months is to help houses of worship become more energy efficient and to guide houses of worship on clean energy installations and you can be a part of it all by clicking on the DONATE button. Even if you can't donate you can still help by sharing a link to this campaign on your Facebook or Twitter.

We will rely on guidance and expertise from our partnerships at North Carolina IPL and Georgia IPL who have extensive experience in assisting houses of worship with solar projects.

There is much need for this assistance. Alabama has the lowest solar ratio in the region, producing less than half of the watts per customer than any other Southeastern state (Solar in the Southeast, 2017 Annual Report). Alabama IPL will work to support the growth of solar energy in Alabama by educating faith leaders and congregations on clean energy sources. We will provide resources and expertise for helping houses of worship become more energy efficient and employing clean energy sources, primarily solar, to meet their energy needs.

As our membership and resources grow, we also plan to address air quality concerns and other persistent environmental issues in Alabama, a state that is deeply entrenched in the coal industry.

Our overall goal is to engage all congregations of all faiths in the state of Alabama as AIPL members and active voices in the fight for environmental justice. We also aim for every house of worship in the state to take steps towards increasing their energy efficiency, beginning with completing an AIPL assisted energy efficiency audit.

Having just organized in 2018, we have set realistic objectives for our first operating year. During 2018, we intend to complete energy efficiency audits for 25 houses of worship. We also aim to assist one house of worship in completing a solar energy installation before the end of the year.

We will also work to grow our infrastructure, resources and network during 2018 so that we are well positioned to work towards fulfilling our mission both now and in the coming years.

Major activities with our projected timeline include:

  • Creating initial marketing materials, including fliers, website, and social media presence to introduce AIPL and promote our energy efficiency program (Target Completion Date: 7/1/8)
  • Forming an Alabama IPL Steering committee of faith leaders and other leaders engaged in the environmental justice movement in Alabama (Target Completion Date: 8/1/18)
  • Secure funding for initial AIPL operations (Target Completion Date: 9/30/18)
  • Conduct faith listening tours throughout Alabama to engage initial members and partners (Ongoing through 12/31/18)

We will also work with numerous partners to participate in and support the following initiatives during 2018:

  • A new clean air initiative in partnership with Green the Church, The Southeast Faith Leader Network (NCIPL, SCIPL, and GIPL), African American Episcopal Church (pending the formalizing of our partnership), Southeast Conference of the United Church of Christ, HBCUs in Alabama, Sierra Club (pending the formalizing of our partnership) and GASP (pending the formalizing of our partnership.
  • Conducting environmental justice workshops and grassroots organizing workshops through the Justice First Tour in Birmingham August 2018.
  • Implementing the Solar Installer Program

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Relaunch Of Alabama IPL

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Relaunch Of Alabama IPL

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Alabama Interfaith Power and Light is the moral hopeful voice for the state of Alabama. As we are relaunching this much needed state chapter we need your help. Your donations will go toward administrative cost, traveling expenses, and marketing material. Please don't hesitate to give.

Michael Malcom

Reverend Michael Malcom is an ordained minister in the Pentecostal Holiness Church tradition. Reverend Malcom is a native of Atlanta, Georgia. He comes from a long line of preachers within the Pentecostal Holiness church tradition. He accepted Christ at a

Birmingham, Alabama

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    Rev Malcolm I believe in you and your good work, so here is a small donation of support.

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    Reverend Michael Malcolm is taking a bold step in relaunching Alabama IPL, a most worthy initiative that Alabama needs!

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    I believe that we must be the first partaker of anything that we set out to do. I truly believe in this call to be good stewards of creation and am willing to invest in what I believe.