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Reforging The Brain

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Reforging The Brain

Andrew Bell, on behalf of

The Light Switch Connection

The Light Switch Foundation needs your help! Providing resources and opportunity; helping 'Traumatic Brain Injury' (TBI) survivors reenter the world as productive components within their family and community. Help survivors rebuild mind and body and realize the power of possibility...

Andrew Bell

As the survivor of a TBI, Andrew has intimate knowledge of what it means to rebuild his mind. Fast forward 20 years. A proud father always in the middle of a book. A college degree started and finished. Andrew is driven to connect survivors with the correct fuel and an opportunity to rebuild

Boca, California

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  • $25.00

    phil kaznowski

    7 months ago

    Thanks for making a difference.

  • $25.00

    Ellen Bell

    7 months ago

    TBIs are major events for which victims need help like whaat is being offered here!