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Ready For Moshiach?  Support Kohanim Now

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Ready For Moshiach? Support Kohanim Now

Elliot Rosenfeld, on behalf of

Yeshivath Radin

There is no question we are so close to the Geula. But why hasn't it happened yet? After so many years of hardships in Galus we still have not been worthy of redemption possibly because we have not prepared. Now more than ever the Kohanim must perpare for the Geula and show Hashem we want Geula

Elliot Rosenfeld

Elli Rosenfeld is a resident of Lakewood. He has taken on the challenge to help Kohanim around the globe prepare for the Geula by arranging shiurim in shuls and yeshivos in Sefer Avodas Hakorbanos.

Lakewood, New Jersey

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    prepare for moshiach will bring moshiach

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    Let’s get ready.