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Raksati Y&R Wants To Be A Non-profit!

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Raksati Y&R Wants To Be A Non-profit!

Katarina Dickinson, on behalf of

Women Recovering From Trauma And Abuse

Raksati Y&R is going to become a non-profit retreat organization serving women who are living with trauma of past domestic abuse. We'd like to create a safe space for those who identify as women, to cry only happy tears, to shed some layers of defeat & regret, to find hope.

Katarina Dickinson

Katarina is the initial Founder of Raksati Yoga & Retreats. She has worked in the Health and Wellness industry for almost 10 years. During this time she has held positions as Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Instructor, National Sales Representative, Customer Experience Expert, and Front Office AdministratorCoordinator. Katarina currently resides in Boise, ID with her puppy Cale and boyfriend Zane. She currently works as a Wellness Advisor for a Yoga franchise company. Katarina also teaches donation based commu

Boise, Idaho

Recent Donations

  • $20.00

    ANNA Herrera

    2 months ago

    I am happy to contribute with this small donation because I know you will change lives and help people in a magical healing way. I love you!

  • $30.00

    Peggy Dickinson

    3 months ago

  • $15.00

    Afton Allison

    3 months ago

    I am happy to donate because I myself was in an abusive relationship for nearly 4 years. I can only dream of a future full of recovery and believe that this will help other women on that road.

  • $25.00

    Koda Harper

    3 months ago

  • $25.00

    Tyler DeYoung

    4 months ago

  • $25.00

    Jodi Knibbe

    4 months ago