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Raise The Roof Campaign-Broadwater Ne

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Raise The Roof Campaign-Broadwater Ne

Carrie Wiggins, on behalf of

Broadwater Museum

The Broadwater Museum is applying for a large grant to help restore this historic building. We need matching funds to help make this a successful restoration. Help preserve the past in the future. This building has been an icon in our community for many years. Help us restore its beauty.

Carrie Wiggins

Our Village may have a small population of 128, however we are located on Highway 26 which brings travelers and tourists through our town. Broadwater lies next to the North Platte River and the Union Pacific railroad. We are a historical area with the Oregon Trail, military battles with the Indians, the Ancient Ruins, Cedar Creek Ranch and the Pony Express. Spring thru fall finds our volunteers greeting visitors to our little museum as questions are asked about the panhandle of Nebraska and how it is so

Broadwater, Nebraska

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    My Dad (Lyndall) and my Aunts Dorene, Elora, Marilyn, and my Uncles Charles and Bob grew up in the Broadwater area. My Grandfather (Hugh) worked at the Mobil station on the highway. I was born in Bridgeport in 1953 and live in the area until my parents moved to Ashland in 1956.