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Raise Funds For Under Privilege Children

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Raise Funds For Under Privilege Children

Opiew Ablla, on behalf of


The mission of Help My Village Kids is to provide the tools needed to obtain a good education for the children of Gog, Ethiopia and of the surrounding villages. We believe that improving the literacy of one child benefits the life of the child and of an entire family for many generations

Opiew Ablla

I came to the United States in 1993 as a refugee and started a 501c3 charity to bring school books and supplies to the children in the village of Gog, Ethiopia. I am married and I have five kids and I became a citizen in 1999. Gog is a village in western Ethiopia of approximately 1500 people. It is an agricultural area that is somewhat isolated from the the rest of Ethiopia. Gog has two small schools that are about a two hour walk from each other. Neither of these schools contain books or supplies for th

Murray, Utah

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    Diana Handy

    9 months ago

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    Rebecca Bench

    9 months ago

    Sorry this took me a bit, but I hope this can help out several cute kiddos!

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    Marion DiRado

    9 months ago

    Education is powerful!

  • $25.00

    KelliAnn Ablla

    10 months ago

    I love you