Progress, Not Perfection

Progress, Not Perfection

Please Help Reunite Mommy and DaughterHello,My name is Ima. In Hebrew, the name Ima means "Mother"  but I have not been able to live up to my name because I have been separated from my  12 year old daughter,  Éowyn,  since September 2018. I have not even been able to speak to her on the phone ... Read More

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Please Help Reunite Mommy and Daughter


My name is Ima. In Hebrew, the name Ima means "Mother"  but I have not been able to live up to my name because I have been separated from my  12 year old daughter,  Éowyn,  since September 2018. I have not even been able to speak to her on the phone since November 2018. I am fighting to get her back, but the Family Court system in my county of Washington State punishes the accused as guilty until proven innocent. I have been ordered to prove my innocence with impossible financial requirements that I am unable to meet, which is why I am in desperate need of any help that you are able to give. 

Although my local CPS (Child Protective Services) office sent me a letter in February 2019 that they determined  the allegations against me are unfounded and they closed their investigation, that has not halted the Family Court proceedings. In fact, my situation in that regard seems to have gotten worse.

I am more than willing to provide the official letter from CPS to any potential donors upon request. 

Family Court is, thus far, requiring me to pay the following costs:

  • Guardian ad Litem evaluation and report fee: $1,000 deposit + $100 per hour
  • Four different types of substance tests and a comprehensive, extensive Chemical Dependency Assessment: $475
  • Minimum 28-day Residential Co-Occurring Disorder Rehabilitation Treatment Program: $3,500 after insurance coverage payment. Minimum $1,500 to check in to treatment program, plus 350 mile travel costs each way
  • Supervised visitation after treatment for 4 hours per week (length of supervisory requirement for visitation to be determined at the Court's discretion): $35 initial fee + $65 per hour
  • Weekly urine drug testing (length of weekly testing requirement to be determined at the Court's discretion): $80 + 90 minute travel costs per week

I am not able to have any contact with my daughter until the above costs are met. I am legally disabled therefore I only have a small and fixed income from Social Security. I started a small décor business out of my home late last year, but it has yet to gain traction despite my best efforts thus is currently operating at a loss of approximately $5,000.

I did retain an attorney when this process first started by obtaining a loan from my father for $2,000 which I have not been able to pay back yet. That lawyer was fired after the first hearing in January 2019 because he did not present an effective defense at all and was derelict in his duty to provide me a copy of all of the court orders resulting from the hearing, which caused me to incur additional penalties from the court system. Funds received from this campaign will not be used to repay that loan. If I do receive donations which exceed the amount required to meet the costs listed above, I would like to retain an effective attorney because my ex-husband has a very aggressive attorney who has been retained by his current wife's family at no cost to them. She has managed to convince the court to grant him full custody, without any visitation or contact with me whatsoever, until the above requirements are met.

I had full custody of our daughter from the time she was 1.5 years old, with visitation with him every other week, until he managed to manipulate the court into this current legal status in late 2018 when she was 10 years old. I do not have a criminal record whatsoever - in fact, I do not even have any traffic violations. He does have a criminal record which is 3 pages long when printed, including multiple DUIs and domestic violence convictions against me and another one against a partner he dated after I separated from him in 2010. 

It's been a long and heartbreaking journey, and it is nowhere near over, but I am willing to do everything that is needed to get my baby girl back. I am truly and unendingly grateful for any help you are able to give. All donation are deposited into an account separate from my personal finances and exclusively dedicated to this campaign. If you are unable to give monetarily but have a resource that can assist me with getting into a residential treatment program or provide pro bono legal advice, that would be invaluable. 

~ Blessings, Peace, Love, and Light ~


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Progress, Not Perfection

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Progress, Not Perfection

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Ima Maia

Domestic abuser/ex-husband is manipulating the family court system to take permanent custody and achieve parental alienation of daughter from disabled mom

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