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Please Help Me In My Repatriation Costs

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Please Help Me In My Repatriation Costs

James Yangetmai, on behalf of

James Yangetmai

In spite the fact that Mr. Yangetmai was the Lt. Governor of the State of Yap, he is currently penniless and needs your generous assistance. He needs moving expenses f to return back to Saipan , and although currently poor and penniless, he may be able to reciprocate your kindness one days.

James Yangetmai

James Yangetmai came to Yap from Saipan in January 2015 to serve as the Lt. Governor for the State of Yap, and served in that capacity for four years. His term in office ended in January 2019 and now wishes to return back home to Saipan to live out his remaining years, but in dire need of financial support.


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    March 28,2019

    Helping one another is what we do in our islands and as a family member, it is very hard to look away when someone is in need of our help. Wish I have more to donate more.