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Plants For Peace Rescue Initiative

$105 of $2,000

raised from 6 people

Plants For Peace Rescue Initiative

Eilan Keister, on behalf of

Youth Lobby for Animal-Free Farms

Plants for Peace is an incentivized negotiation platform where a plant-based commodity is bartered in exchange for the release of animals from oppressive situations. We never compensate farmers with money. Every dollar you donate will be used to invest in negotiations and save animal lives.

Eilan Keister

Eilan Keister co founded the Youth Lobby for Animal-Free Farms with Erin Ersoy in May 2020. Through the YLAF, Erin and Eilan have created Plants for Peace

Tualatin, Oregon

Recent Donations

  • $20.00

    Julia Marotto

    June 11,2020

    This seems like an awesome program. I hope this money can go toward rescuing some beautiful animals <3

  • $5.00

    Mia W

    June 09,2020

  • $25.00

    Denise Bitz

    June 08,2020

    In honor or Erin Ersoy

  • $5.00

    Marlene Flaton

    June 07,2020

  • $25.00

    Christina Liew

    June 07,2020

  • $25.00

    Larry Rogers

    June 07,2020

    Good luck