badge Pioneer Cemetery Restoration

$800 of $1,000

raised from 8 people

Pioneer Cemetery Restoration

Rosemary Leshinski, on behalf of

South Amherst Historical Society

Rosemary Leshinski

Rosemary Leshinski is a member of the South Amherst Historical Society. She has served as SecretaryTreasurer from the start of the society. She, along with other members have completed many successful fundraisers and grant writing for designated projects.

Amherst, Ohio

Recent Donations

  • $25.00

    Gary Toma

    June 24,2020

  • $50.00

    Patricia Phillips

    February 13,2020

    I am a Gold Star Mother. Proud mom of SSG James Hunter. KIA 6-18-2010.

  • $25.00

    Wendy Akin

    February 13,2020

    It's a wonderful project to honor our unsung heroes.

  • $50.00

    Beverly Callahan

    February 13,2020

    Grew up in South Amherst. Chief Thomas Snizek is my Father.

  • $100.00

    Linda Krempin

    February 12,2020

  • $500.00

    Lakeland Community Foundation/ Community Foundation of Lorain County.

    February 11,2020

    Thank you for your work supporting Lorain County's residents.

  • $25.00

    Rosemary Leshinski

    February 05,2020

  • $25.00

    William Jones

    February 03,2020

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