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Persaud & Shaw's Foundation Of Hope

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Persaud & Shaw's Foundation Of Hope

Darian Black, on behalf of

Persaud & Shaw's Foundation Of Hope

The Persaud & Shaw’s Foundation of Hope (P.S.F.H) is a non-profit emergency relief program. Your contribution goes directly towards servicing the underdeveloped.

Darian Black

Darian Black is the grant associate for Persaud & Shaws Foundation of Hope. She serves this organization with the shared passion of providing for the less fortunate. Persaud & Shaw is a disaster relief and community enhancing organization birthed out of the residue of the global pandemic, Covid-19. In our effort to enhance our world, one community at a time, we are seeking funds to contribute towards impoverished communities. Please contribute towards bringing our vision to past in honor of those in despera

Jamaica, New York

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